Frequently Asked Questions

What Driver do I need

  • Step 1: Fittings are either 1. ‘Mains Voltage’ (generally driver included or mains voltage LED Chip), 2. Constant Voltage ie, 12/24V DC, Constant Current i.e., 350/700mA. Constant Current and Constant Voltage fittings require drivers, if you do not select the correct drive you will destroy the fitting.
  • Step 2: What is the wattage of the fitting, ie, 6W, 10W, 1W etc.
  • Step 3: Selection of driver
    • If Constant Current 350mA, 6W: you will require a 350mA Constant Current driver which has a 6W Range, ie. 1-7W, 2-12W etc.
      • if using multiple fittings i.e. 3x6W you will require a driver with a range which included 3×6=18W
    • If Constant Voltage 12V DC, 2W: you will require a 12V Constant Voltage driver which has a 2W Range, ie. 1-7W, 0-12W etc.
      • If using multiple fittings i.e. 10x2W you will require a driver with a range which included 10×2=20W

My Fittings are Flashing

This may result in the fittings being destroyed

  1. If there was 1 flash and they stopped, they are generally destroyed and wiring will be the cause.
  2. Constant flickering:
    1. Incorrectly wired (check immediately)
    2. Driver selection is not acceptable for the load (above the load of the driver or below)
  3. Flickering with a dimmer: Dimmer selection may not be compatible with driver
  4. Light flicker, barely noticeable: Dirty power entering the property, this can cause interference and make lights flicker lightly. this can be caused by the neighbor using a lath next door

My Switch is off but my lights are slightly on.

This is caused by induction. This is when a mains cable is running along side a low voltage cable. The power can jump into the low voltage cable and provide enough power for the light to go on. Fix immediately as this will damage the fitting.

What is LED Lighting

LED has been widely acknowledged as the future of lighting. LED stands for light-emitting diode. A diode is a semiconductor which converts the electrical energy produced by the movement of electrons into light

What Does A Beam Angle Mean?

It is the spread of light that reflector lamps project. Eg 10º , 60º The 60º lamp gives you the widest beam and the 10º lamp gives you the narrowest beam

What is COB?

Generally, this means Chip On Board which can be specifically related to an LED chip placed directly onto an electronic circuit board.

What is SMD?

Generally, this means a Surface Mounted Device, such as an LED chip placed directly on a surface of a tape or strip.

How long do our LED bulbs last for?

Our LED life span is much more than any halogen bulbs as they have a rating of 30,000 hours of continuous operation. This can result in never having to replace the bulbs in these ever again. They are also of very good quality and the light output is very substantial.

What does IP44 mean?

This is an Ingress Protection Rating. IP44 means the fitting is protected against solid objects greater than 1mm (e.g. fine tools and wires) It is also protection against water spray in all directions. Refer to HUGO Technical Hub for more details

What does IP65 mean?

This is an Ingress Protection Rating. This means the fitting has total protection against dust and protection against low pressure jets of water. Refer to HUGO Technical Hub for more details

What does IP67 mean?

This is the Ingress Protection Rating. This means this has total projection against dusk. Projection against immersion is between 15cm-100cm. Refer to HUGO Technical Hub for more details

What does UGR stand for?

Unified Glare Rating (UGR) is a calculated measurement that is used by lighting designers to control the glare from lighting fixtures. UGR = 40; this is extremely high glare, UGR = 5; this is very low glare. UGR<19 is now recommended in most office situations.

Retro fitting to LED’s

If retro fitting in LED downlights, there are a couple of points to consider.

  1. What is the cut-out size, if you can find a suitable fitting that fits the cut-out and the overall dimensions you will not have to re-Gib or paint your ceiling.
  2. What wattage fitting is being replaced. ie. 100W E27 lamps generally are replaced with a 10-12W LED (900-1200lm), 50W Halogen can be replaced with a 6-8W 600-800lm downlight.

What does CRI stand for?

Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is a measurement (0-100) of the color properties from the LED fixture. This is compared to the result from the sun which is CRI100. CRI80 is acceptable in most applications where CRI97 are becoming more popular as this will provide a better quality of light. i.e. poor CRI in a photography or clothing retail store will result in products looking different under natural sunlight (reds not as red etc.). CRI is calculated by measuring 8 ‘R’ values to determine the CRI value i.e. R9 is red.

What are the benefits of good lighting in the workplace?

Good lighting can result in work spaces being more productive and enhance the the experience for everyone within. By reducing glare (UGR) you can reduce headaches, eye fatigue and shadows, by selecting the correct colour temperature and CRI value you can seem more detail for task lighting etc.

What does a lighting designer do?

A lighting designer can play a massive part in how your property will look and feel, they are like an artist using light as their paint. Below are just a few aspect how they can help with your next job.

  • They know how to make entrances inviting
  • They can place spots of lights in corners to make rooms more relaxing
  • They make the illusion of ceilings higher and hallways wider etc.
  • They select fittings that add value to the property
  • They layout the lighting so everything looks clean on the ceiling and walls
  • They understand how you are going to work and live in your property

Is LED lighting cost effective?

These fittings are highly cost effective as there is savings over the light itself as well as no need for replacement of them. They are eco-friendly as well as saving you significant money in your electricity bills. There is also a lower output in terms of the temperate of these fittings and they have no warm up time as they come on with a flick of a switch.

Is it easy to save money with LED lighting as they are energy efficient?

The best way to save money through LED lighting, is to put these throughout the building premises as this will save your bills hugely. This is due to the fact that the LED light fittings are significantly more efficient compared to halogen bulbs.

What is a driver?

An LED driver is a self-contained power supply that has outputs matched to the electrical characteristics of the LED chip, or array of LEDs.

What is colour temperature?

Colour temperature refers to the warmth or coldness of the light produced by the lamp or LED, measured in Kelvin (K). Lamps producing a warm or yellow light have a low Kelvin (2700-3000K), while lamps producing a white or blue light have a higher Kelvin (3500-6500K). The ideal colour temperature is dependent on the application

Do I have to wait for my LEDs to light up to full brightness, such as with compact fluorescent lamps?

No. LEDs give instant and immediate maximum light output.

Can I use my LEDs in colder environments?

Generally, unlike that of most fluorescent lamps, LEDs have no problems operating at extremely low temperatures (up to -15°C)

What is DALI?

DALI is an acronym for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface and has become an open standard for Lighting control Essentially, each light fitting is given a unique ‘address’ allowing digital control of the Lighting installation.

What does “Integrated LED” mean?

Integrated LED lights have the LEDs actually built into the fixture itself. Whether on a panel, strip or disc, the diodes are installed into the fixture, so you won’t find a standard socket for a bulb.

Is LED’s dimmable?

Before you purchase an LED fixture, make sure to find out if it’s compatible with a dimmer, and be aware that most dimmable LED fixtures will require specific types of dimmers.

What is the lifespan of LED’s?

Most LEDs on the market offer a lifespan of 50,000 hours. A traditional fluorescent tube lifespan is typically 5000 hours

What are the benefits of a regressed/recess lens?

Regress lens/chips push the light source back from the ceiling resulting in less glare. This can effect the experience within the home

What does light spill mean?

This is when light is projected in areas where it is not needed, eg: into the sky, other properties etc.

What are the benefits of the different kelvin / colour temperature ratings?

Kelvin is a measurement of colour temperature, the higher the number (6,000K) the whiter or cooler the colour will appear, the lower the number (2,700K) the yellower or warmer the colour will appear. Warm colour temperatures ie 2,700/3,000 (warm white) is more relaxing and peaceful to the body, Cooler ie: 6,500K more detail will be seen and the body is more alert. Generally warmer colour temperatures are used within relaxing areas of a residential property where cooler colours are used in offices and task associated areas.

How does light affect colours?

LED have the ability to make reds more red and blues more blue by altering the CRI (colour rendering index). By correctly selecting the correct LED Chip you can make meat look more fresh, vegetable look greener and dresses more colorful etc.

How is the lifetime of LED measured?

Generally life time is measures as ‘lumen deprecation’. L70 = a time where the fitting will depreciate to 70% of the original lumen output.

What downlights can I use in my bathroom/wet rooms?

To ensure you select the correct product in your bathroom or wet room you need to know the location they will be installed, as there are guidelines to follow ‘Bathroom Zoning’ and IP Rating (Ingress Protection) for these areas. Refer to IP Rating and Bathroom Zoning section of the HUGO Technical Hub

What is an IC rating? And what does it mean?

All downlight installed must comply to Amendment A. This is a test standard this categories fitting into areas of how they can be installed. IC (Insulation covered) is a rating for downlights showing they can be covered by insulation in the ceiling (approved insulation). Refer to HUGO Technical Hub for more details.

What does 3CCT mean?

Initially LED fittings were single CCT (correlated colour temperature) i.e. 3,000K (warm white). As the market has grown we have managed to develop LED fittings that can switch between colours ie 3,000K, 4,000K and 6,000K. This allows fittings to be used in more applications

  • 1CCT: 1 colour
  • 3CCT: 3 colours
  • 4CCT: 4 colours

Can any fitting be used on a dimmer?

No, dimming is related to the driver that is used with the LED fitting. Correct parameters of driver, fitting and dimmer need to be considered.

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