How long do our LED bulbs last for?

Our LED life span is much more than any halogen bulbs as they have a rating of 30,000 hours of continuous operation. This can result in never having to replace the bulbs in these ever again. They are also of very good quality and the light output is very substantial.

What does IP44 mean?

This is an Ingress Protection Rating. IP44 means the fitting is protected against solid objects greater than 1mm (e.g. fine tools and wires) It is also protection against water spray in all directions

What does IP65 mean?

This is an Ingress Protection Rating. This means the fitting has total protection against dust and protection against low pressure jets of water.

What does IP67 mean?

This is the Ingress Protection Rating. This means this has total projection against dusk. Projection against immersion is between 15cm-100cm.

Is LED lighting cost effective?

These fittings are highly cost effective as there is savings over the light itself as well as no need for replacement of them. They are eco-friendly as well as saving you significant money in your electricity bills. There is also a lower output in terms of the temperate of these fittings and they have no warm up time as they come on with a flick of a switch.

Is it easy to save money with LED lighting as they are energy efficient?

To save money through LED lighting, is to put these throughout the building premises as this will save your bills hugely. This is due to the fact that the LED lighting are significantly more efficient compared to halogen bulbs.